Nicki is an amazing person and coach. She has incredible empathy and understanding and is remarkably easy to trust and talk to. Her genuine concern and passion for helping others shows.  She forms a true partnership with her clients and helps them organize and form a game plan for overcoming the greatest obstacles, the ones within ourselves.

N.Y. Client, Financial Advisor

Last year I was going through the toughest phase of my life- both mentally and financially. Being an extremely driven person, I had set some lofty goals for myself and wasn’t feeling “successful” enough- at work or in life. Nicki gave me a different perspective, including one thing I specifically remember. She said, “You don’t HAVE to do any of these things. Prioritize what makes you the happiest”. When I realized this, I quickly cut out what I thought I “needed” to do and things started coming together. I will forever remember her for this simple piece of advice. And if you’d like to hear me tell you in person how awesome she is, please call me and I’d be happy to share more.

San Diego client, Real Estate Specialist

Thank you so much for your guidance and openness. Though I started this whole process a bit tentative and timid, I have found such joy and enlightenment by engaging with you. You are a wonderful coach and I feel so lucky to have this opportunity. You have already helped me more than you know. I love this experience. I’ve been telling anyone who will listen how great and freeing it is. You are amazing!

N.Y. Client, Personal Trainer

Coaching with Nicki has been a vessel for remembering accomplishments and acknowledging them. This space has been an efficient, safe space to work out my thoughts and get them clear and aligned with purpose. I feel enlightened and I feel good. Just one hour with her is amazing – it blows my mind.

San Diego Client, Supervisor of a Non-Profit

Working with Nicki was fun, challenging, constructive, and a blast. She’s basically the kind of coach who acts as a friend who listens, directs, calms, and offers you the choices and tools to get to know yourself and become the best you that you can be. I learned how to trust myself, my gut, and my instincts on life changing decisions. I built self confidence by breaking down barriers to what I think of myself and how I perceived others view me. I Learned about the essence of who I am at the core and trust that above all else. And I found control and conviction in my every-day actions.

San Diego Client, Web Designer