Private Coaching

Ideal for executives, leaders, entrepreneurs, and those who want a personalized action plan

Group Coaching

Ideal for organizations or small business owners & entrepreneurs who want to experience a shared community

Speaking Engagements

Tailored speaking engagements and workshops that address the core needs and challenges of your organization. Some examples of topics include: leveraging your strengths, career development, building powerful teams and relationships, the impact of emotional intelligence on leadership, well-being in the workplace, creating win/wins.


Workshop options for organizations include, but are not limited to, Gallup Strengths, Leading various behavioral styles (DiSC), Leading with Emotional Intelligence (EQ), and team building.

Virtual monthly workshop series: Life Hacks – for Busy People with Big Dreams.

Please contact me to have an exploratory conversation regarding my services and rates.

Stepping Stones

The difference between stepping stones and stumbling blocks is how you use them.