Life Hacks: One hour virtual workshops for busy people with dreams

These workshops are for those that are juggling many responsibilities in life, and just need to hyper focus on a specific topic, challenge, or problem in order to move forward with more clarity, direction, or options. The workshops are done via video call and are interactive. Many people deal with similar topics, challenges and problems so we surface the top ones in common and break them down into actionable items. Want to join but can’t make the date? Recordings are available for you to watch at your own convenience. All you need to do is write me about your challenge, issue, or problem and I’ll address it during the workshop. 

  • Topics vary each month
  • $35 per class
  • 5pm PST/7pm CST/8pm EST
  • Recordings available for attendees and/or if you can not make the live event
 Living your life purpose – Tuesday, October 30th
What if your life purpose wasn’t something you had to do? What if it was something you brought with you everywhere and anywhere effortlessly? Come join us for a beautiful discussion on waking up to your highest and most fulfilling calling of being you.

Thanksgiving Survival Tactics: How do I enjoy the holiday without losing my mind …oh and some gratitude – Tuesday Nov 20th
No, your not a bad person for wanting to take this workshop. Look, our family dynamics go so far back that sometimes the best of us are hyjacked into a younger, less mature version of ourselves. Let’s look at how you can get what you need and let the rest roll off your back. It will be as easy as gravy. More turkey anyone?

Closing Out the Year and Creating your Vision for 2019 – Tuesday, Dec 4th
Close out 2018 by gathering and celebrating all of your wins, gather your losses, and intentionally move forward to create a powerful and aligned 2019.


Former Workshops (If you are curious…..or feel free to request these again!)

Jumpstart Me: I know what I need to do and am not doing it – Wednesday, September 12th 5:00pm PST/7:00pm CST/8:00pm EST
Need a cattle prod to your bum? Allow me! It’s one of my greatest joys to call you out on your BS excuses from your greatest joy…which happens to be on the other side of your ass dragging. Join us and be prepared to laugh your way off the ledge and into your joy. Weeeeeeeee! Won’t click the link to register? No problem your best friend or spouse will for you. It’s likely you are driving them up a wall.

Unleash Your Badass Self: Ditching the Nice Girl Complex w/o being a meanie

Monday – Monday, Aug 27th 2018

You mean to say no but somehow yes keeps coming out of your mouth? You are giving to everyone else like a fountain in the epicenter of Rome, but don’t ever get any of your own water? Well that’s just a shame! You have to take this workshop. So do what you need to do to make it. Your friend can hire movers, get a babysitter for your kids, and cancel your plans and to do list. Put up a “Do not disturb” sign on your door and forget about the rest of the world for just one hour. Leave with immediate tools to unleash your badass self. Don’t worry, we won’t turn you into a meanie. Warning: participation may cause smiles and massive relief.

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